Understanding the Internet of Things

In this GovLoop Academy course, our goal was to create an understanding of what the Internet of Things is, outlines its benefits and how it can be utilized in government. IoT comes in many forms and can do all sorts of things. In three lessons, we define IoT, offer examples of how it works, and discuss some of the considerations that agencies should review before leveraging IoT.
Every course that our team makes is an educational process for our organization as well. While our courses often involve working with subject-matter experts from different companies, our team may take a trending topic in government technology and create editorial courses based on them.

By avoiding the use of complex language and creating visually-interesting and relevant experiences, we are creating courses that are easily digestible. The course itself consists of narrated motion graphics along with knowledge checks that serve to reinforce learning. For all our courses, learning objectives are established and used to create an engaging and interactive experience for our community.
Our mission at GovLoop is simple, connect government to improve government. By providing resources to increase knowledge about network modernization and providing solutions to the identified programs, we are fulfilling our mission of improving government.
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